Elena Kostenko (1983, USSR), currently based in France










“In her practice, Elena Kostenko explorers the interrelation between material and digital mattes, their capacities to mediate human experiences, thoughts, memories, dreams and emotions. She expands the idea of the medium being the message, coined by Marchal McLuhan, and allows the material to contribute to and support her narratives. Although her departure point is often related to Digital Media and its role within society, she often leaves her works open for diverse interpretations, giving a possibility to activate it in the mind of the beholder. “


Projects, exhibitions:

2020 – 2020, Towards a Foreword, by N.o.H. Collective in collaboration with PrintRoom/Art Bar (Rotterdam, The Netherlands);

2020 – 15 03 20, publication by N. o. H., contributor ( International);

2020 – ongoing, participant of N. o. H. collective ( international);

2020 – The other side, 16 mm film, ROOTS Film Festival, ( The Hague, The Netherlands);

2019 – Self, group exhibition, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen (The Hague, The Netherlands);

2017 – 2018 – #onehourinstallation, digital media project ( location varies);

2016 – Holy Patterns, paintings and prints at Rotterdam International Art Fair ( Rotterdam, The Netherlands);

2015 – Woest, Zomer Expo 2015, group exhibition, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague ( The Netherlands);

2015 – The Moon, digital animation, Art Video Israel ( AVI), a participant (Netanya, Israel);

2015 – Wolf in sheep’s clothing, multimedia project, Iris Art Centre (Athens, Greece);



The Royal Academy of Fine Art The Hague. Fine Arts department, sculpture (The Hague, The Netherlands);

Leiden University, Art History Department. Arts, Media and Society track (Leiden, The Netherlands);

Rietveld Academy. O-Yaar program (Amsterdam, The Netherlands);

The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. Fine Arts department, painting (Saint-Petersburg, Russia);


Other activities:

2017- 2020 – Philosophy evenings, ( Leiden, The Netherlands);

2016 – 2019 – Guest tutor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, printmaking department ( GAFA, Guangzhou, China);


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