Mon Jardin magique

For the past 2 years, I have been occupied with a garden on uncultivated soil in my new habitat. Being too little exposed to the local society, and struggling to establish the links, I found my refuge in the physical contact with the local soil and the rituals of gardening. I was observing that magic transformation from a dense, wrinkled seed into a fragile sprout, unable to survive on its own without human attention and regular care. Despite my dedication, the leaves of plants were deformed, eaten by caterpillars, and flowers and fruits were not recognized even by Google Lens. Nature came up with unique shapes in response to the unperfect conditions and inspired me to create Mon Jardin Magique.

The floral elements of Mon Jardin are made of clay and local ground. I did not aim to represent an anatomy of a particular plant, but rather accepted the specific qualities of the clay, and allowed the shapes to grow in my hands. Each ceramic element carries traces of my fingerprints and exposes my engagement with the material. Although I extensively use hard and brittle ceramics, glazing and metal wires, the works are assembled with soft fabrics, which need a solid, concrete wall to be supported.


From Mon Jardin magique, Clay and ground, metal oxides, glazing, linen, 2023