Notes on Hapticity, established in late 2019, comprises artists with diverse backgorund and practices, from sculpture to film and sound. Еmerged as a response to the pandemic, the collective explores spatiality, social relations, and haptic modes of interaction, which comes as the ‘haptic encounter’, embodying kinaesthetic responsiveness and metaphorical touch experiences. Through exhibitions, publications, videoworks and lectures, we merge our practices, aiming to spark dialogue and collaboration with other artists and disciplines. As of summer 2023, Elena Kostenko, Kees van Leeuwen, and Hannah Dawn Henderson are the current core members of Notes on Hapticity.

Public Programme | 5.11.22 | Zine Camp Rotterdam (NL)
Between Four Walls was a public program created in collaboration with PrintRoom. Throughout three nomadic events from November to December 2022, the program featured artist talks, screenings and performances. It officially launched 16 10 20, an anthology of performance scores.
The first of these events took place on the 5th of November 2022 within the framework of the ’22 edition of Zine Camp at WORM. ( The Netherlands)

Our first project, 15 03 20, emerged as not so much a response but rather a meditation on the precarity of the Covid-19 pandemic – an attempt to document the conditions of that period without simply resorting to photojournalism. Rather, the chapbook-style booklet enfolds an intimate, almost pocket-sized exposition space, wherein a series of double-page spreads provide a snapshot of each artist’s practice at that time. These vignettes, which can be understood as both documentation of a moment in time as well as artworks in and of themselves, are cushioned between essays by Yindi Chen and Alexandre Richardeau that explore the notion of ‘the haptic encounter’. These essays are situated as a conceptual and point-of-entry, reiterating the book’s ‘spatiality’ – a space to be traversed, suggestive of yet not demanding of a linear route.

text by Hannah Dawn Henderson

My contribution to the first publication of N.o.H